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StringifyStringLiteral (Pipe)

This pipe stringifies an array of StringLiterals. With the parameter all, the pipe concats all values and appends the corresponding language in brackets.

Otherwise the pipe displays the value corresponding to the default language which comes from the user profile (if a user is logged-in) or from the browser. With the predefined language the pipe checks if a value exists in the array, otherwise it shows the first value.

Example - StringifyStringLiteral Pipe

HTML file

<strong>Show all values</strong>
<p>{{labels | dspStringifyStringLiteral:'all'}}</p>

<strong>Show only one value</strong>
<p>{{labels | dspStringifyStringLiteral}}</p>

Typescript file

labels: StringLiteral[] = '[{"value":"Welt","language":"de"},{"value":"World","language":"en"},{"value":"Monde","language":"fr"},{"value":"Mondo","language":"it"}]';

Show all values
Welt (de) / World (en) / Monde (fr) / Mondo (it)

Show only one value

Last update: 2021-08-13