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DSP-UI — A library to easily create DSP Apps

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DSP-UI is a library of angular modules enabling users to interact with DSP-API to create a web application in a quick and simple way. These modules, comprised of components and directives, are written in Typescript and rely on Angular material.

DSP-UI is developed by the Data and Service Center for the Humanities as free software, released under GNU Affero General Public license.


Getting started

Library modules

The library consists of four Angular modules that are briefly described below.


Services for API requests

DspCoreModule is a configuration handler for @dasch-swiss/dsp-js which offers all the services to make DSP-API requests.


Resources, Properties, Lists, Value components

DspViewerModule contains object components to show a resource class representation, the property gui-elements and various view frameworks.


Search panel for all kind of search queries

DspSearchModule allows to make full text or advanced searches in DSP-API. Filter by resource class and its properties related to an ontology.


Special pipes and buttons

DspActionModule contains special pipes to sort lists or to get the index key in arrays, but also directives and components for images, sort buttons and s.o.


If you would like to contribute to the development of the DSP-UI modules alongside us, please consult the general DSP contribution guidelines or the DSP-UI specific contribution guidelines and the design documentation.

Last update: 2021-08-13