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AdminImage (Directive)

You can use the admin image module for user avatar together with and for project logos.

The feature of this module is the error handling: In case of a 404 error of the image source (img src) the module shows a default image-not-found image. Or a default user profile icon (type=user), or a default project icon (type=project).


Name Type Description
image string source of the image:
- in case of user (gr)avatar it's the e-mail address,
- in case of project logo it's the image url
type string type of image; you can use it with:
- project
- user


User Avatar

HTML file

// Default user profile image
<img dspAdminImage [image]="imgDefaultUser" [type]="'user'" />

// Avatar example: 'salsah' user
<img dspAdminImage [image]="imgSalsahUser" [type]="'user'" />

// User image on error
<img dspAdminImage [image]="null" [type]="'user'" />

// Default error image
<img dspAdminImage [image]="'null'" />

Typescript file

imgDefaultUser: string = '';
imgSalsahUser: string = '';

User avatars

### Project Logo **HTML file**
// Default project image
<img dspAdminImage [image]="imgDefaultProject" [type]="'project'" />

// Logo example: 'dasch' project
<img dspAdminImage [image]="imgDaschProject" [type]="'project'" />
**Typescript file**
imgDefaultProject: string = undefined;
imgDaschProject: string = '';
![Default project logos](../../assets/images/admin-image2.png)
Last update: 2021-08-13